ZSL Migrates Delphi2007 based insurance application to .NET Environment

Delphi Application Migration to .NET Environment

The Customer

A leading UK based ISV which provides tailored and scalable Insurance Software, was looking to migrate one of their core selling product written in Delphi 2007 to a scalable Microsoft .Net Platform. The legacy product is widely used by Agents, Brokers, Underwriters and Insurance Companies within the UK and European Insurance industry.

The current Client -Server application required heavy workstation investment for users to access the application placed centrally. This would ease out software maintenance but at the cost of hardware.
Inability to support multi databases restricted selling the software to customer specific database requirements.

Customers demand on latest technology and usability narrowed their sales target and had direct impact on their revenues.

Product integration and deployment costs were significantly high as compared to their competitors. Improved system performance and scalability were two vital project requirements communicated by the customer.

The Challenge

Upon being selected to migrate the ISV’s legacy Delphi application, ZSL took stock of a number of immediate project challenges and deliverables including:

The application - 301601 lines of functional code written in Delphi.

Understanding all features and functionality of the legacy Delphi application.

Understanding the purpose of the third party components used in the application.

Mapping the third party components from Delphi with the components available in Microsoft
development platform.

Converting non-GUI product based components into Dll’s to be used in the new application

Identifying the system interface requirements with third party software and tools.


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